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Price list

ServiceCost of work
Minimum order (1 instrument, 1 line)7.5 $
Additional instruments (no more than 10)+4.5 $/piece
Additional rare or non-standard instruments (Vargan, Didgeridou, Organister and others)+6.75 $/piece
Additional linesfrom 0.75 $/piece
Additional effects, single samplesfrom 0.37 $/piece
The main vocal (provided by the customer)from 0.45 $/piece
DurationCost of 1 minute
less than 1 minuteNot counted
more than 1 minute+1.5 $/min
more than 5 minutes+2.25 $/min
more than 10 minutes+3 $/min
more than 15 minutes+4.5 $/min
more than 20 minutes+7.5 $/min
Processing music and soundsCost of work
Styling instruments with filtersfrom 0.37 $/piece
Mass stylization track with filtersfrom 0.75 $/piece
Samples of global ambientfrom 1.5 $/piece
Spot Track Syncfrom 1.95 $/min
Retouching vocalsfrom 2.7 $/piece
Adjusting the tone and tact of the vocals to the music (or vice versa)from 3 $/piece
Music mixingfrom 0.75 $/min
Music and vocals mixingfrom 1.2 $/min
Music masteringfrom 1.5 $/min
Music and vocals masteringfrom 2.25 $/min

Please note that prices in the table are calculated automatically. The cost of the work may vary depending on the complexity, tool kit, genre and post-processing.
If you need to develop a logo, a cover for your disc or album - see my full summary in the pictures section.

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