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My resume - this is a good example of a turnkey site made from scratch

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Ready solutions: Price list

Hosting registrationfrom 0.45 $/monthfrom 0.45 $/monthfrom 0.45 $/month
Disk spacefrom 2 GBfrom 2 GBfrom 2 GB
Unlimited traffic, SSL, MySQL, PHPYesYesYes
Selection and registration of the domainYesYesYes
Installation and configuration of any free CMSYesYesYes
Connecting audit services and statistics (metric)YesYesYes
Introductory consultation on working with the site, hosting and metricsYesYesYes
Unique design based on a free templateNoYesYes
Selection, installation and tuning of plug-ins of the expanded functionalNoYesYes
Introductory consultation on the structure of content, promotion of goods and servicesNoYesYes
Introduction of payment systems and e-commerce servicesNoNoYes
Introductory consultation on earnings on sites and trade through e-commerceNoNoYes
Customization of the functional (contact forms, order forms, online calculators, online tests and much more)NoNoYes
Cost of work:from 74.96 $from 224.87 $from 374.79 $

Note that "Ready Solutions" use professional paid hosting and personal domain names in the zones: ru, com, net, org, name, info, ua, tv, cc, su, cn, kz, рф, укр. Hosting is included in the price of the package and is paid for a period of 1 year in the hosting company chosen by the master. Prices for domains in different zones vary significantly, so the purchase of a domain is paid separately.

If you are a beginner blogger who decided to make money on advertising - I recommend the section "Ready Solutions". If you are an experienced entrepreneur or represent a particular organization - I recommend discussing all the conditions individually.

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